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Rebuilding our Communities

notredameIn the coming week of Easter, it is interesting to see that one of the main icons of France has burned down. People have been sending prayers for the loss of the Notre Dame because of its cultural significance; however, it seems that we have forgotten the religious aspect of it. As a post-Christian society, we have left God out of our lives. In 1882, Nietzsche tried to tell the world that “God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him.” He was a prophet that tried to explain the truth, but no one listened. 


Millions of people have found God through the Church and their lives have greatly changed, but nowadays we solely look at the Church as an architectural marvel. We look at Churches as museums rather than as living buildings.

The reason our society laments the burning of the Notre Dame is because it has become secularized to where it is nowadays seen as a museum. Our society cries because we have lost a piece of art. But maybe, we should be crying because our society has decided to abandon God. Art can be replicated, but we cannot replicate God.

Although we cry out for the return of an architectural marvel, I would argue that in our hearts we are truly calling out for the return of the true, good, and the beautiful. God has given us the knowledge to become better versions of ourselves, hearts to help others, and an imagination to reach new heights. We all feel a longing in our hearts, and rebuilding the Notre Dame will not help the situation. We need to reorient our society so that God can permeate it.

Our Church is damaged and it needs to be rebuilt. These words moved Francis of Assisi to start a revolution of love in the world. Today, we pretend that our society is moving in the positive direction, but as we move away from God, we become more and more restless. We cannot stay passive and unreactive anymore. If we do not move forward, then our Churches will not only be in physical but in spiritual ruin.

In order to fix our dilemma, we must first accept that our society no longer is Christian and neither are we. The atheists are not the ones who are going to do the most damage to the already crippled Church, but the Christians who decide to live secular lives. We need to bring God back to our lives. We need to grow in love for others and truly live radical lives. This Easter maybe we need to face ourselves and our society. Jesus suffered, died, and resurrected. Hopefully, through our tribulations, we can also rise from the dead. From the ashes of the Notre Dame let us rebuild a Church that proclaims love and forgiveness to all.

-Matthew Ziarnik


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