Rectory office

Rectory Office Hours: 

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
from 9:00AM to 2:00PM

Parish Secretary:
Mrs. Grace Druciak

Holy Mass Schedule

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday:
7:30 AM ( English)

7:00 PM (Polish)*
*Novena to St. Joseph 
15 minutes befor th Mass

7:00 PM (Polish)**
**Divine Mercy Novena
15 minutes before the Mass

First Friday:
7:30 AM (English)
7:00 PM (Polish)

7:30 AM (English)
5:30 PM Vigil (English)

9:30 AM (English)
11:00 AM (Polish)



V Biking Pilgrimage


Between the dates of July 17-19, the annual biking pilgrimage to Doylestown was held. Although this year was different due to the coronavirus as more restrictions were put in place for everyone's safety, it was a wonderful experience. Three parishioners along with Fr. Wlodzimierz biked from Stamford Connecticut to Doylestown. This ordeal was difficult but it was great for spiritual growth.

I personally took part in the pilgrimage and I would recommend anyone(with some training) to join the pilgrimage next year. It was a great moment of healing for me and empowered me especially in a moment where many of us feel powerless. The coronavirus pandemic has shaken our worlds and many of us are dealing with increased anxiety and stress. Although the next pilgrimage is within a year, I recommend everyone try to create even a small pilgrimage within their lives. Completing a pilgrimage reminds us that even in the moments where we feel like quitting, we should keep going. It supports us both physically, spiritually, and emotionally. As St. Ignatius reminds us "It is not the soul alone that should be healthy; if the mind is healthy in a healthy body, all will be healthy and much better prepared to give God greater service." So if you're feeling down, go on a pilgrimage either to a Sanctuary or even nature. By doing something that seems difficult we empower ourselves. 

HERE are more images. (Everyone in the pilgrimage took proper precautions against the virus through testing and limiting interaction as much as possible)

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founded  in 1909

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