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Fr. Zbigniew from Africa

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Mission in Kuodougue- Burkina Faso- Eastern Central Africa Father, Las Zbigniew CMF part of the Order of Claretian Missionaries, Father Zbigniew is the younger brother of our Pastor Fr. Wlodzimierz Las SDS, Salvatorian. Father Zbigniew became ordained in 1988 and he went to Africa in 1991. He worked in the Ivory Coast until 2015, and now he works in his first residence in Burkina Faso. We invite you to look at the pictures from this new mission. If you are interested to find out more about the work of Father Zbigniew from his work in Africa you can go on! Hope to see you there. HERE are more pictures!

 The pictures are put into three groups, and I have attached short explanations for the different groups. The new parish of Our Mother of Mercy was created from a split in the cathedral, because of the vast territory and over 20,000 parishioners. Missionaries were put in charge in order to look after this parish. The parish creation was announced on December 13, 2015 and on February 7, 2016 the parish started to exist canonically. The parish is in Koudougou and the missionaries have to build everything for parish life. The first group of pictures shows the construction. a) The meeting rooms are changed to a chapel with a hanger, and this new chapel is double the size. b) Rooms for priests which will be changed into guest rooms, once the Priests residence in built. c) The catechesis rooms, are also used for good students to study and finish their homework. There is a open space where we hope to create a parish center. There are two pictures of the church, which the missionaries want to build. The second group of pictures show pastoral work. The presentation starts with the Way of the Rosary, on land which is owned by the parish. This was blessed by Bishop Joachim Ouedraogo on August 13, 2015. This was an important moment for Father Zbigniew because of the parishioners waiting for the creation of a parish. There are pictures of the first mass in the new place on January 1, 2016 and the opening of the parish, placement of the Blessed Sacrament, and creation of the pastor on February 7, 2016. The rest of the pictures show the parishioners, and different sacraments being ministered. The last group of pictures shows the life of the parish in the villages. The parish center is located in one of the suburbs of the city, but also 17 villages belong to the parish with up to 30 km away(About 19 miles). There is a chapel in each village where there is the Eucharist and prayers. The pictures show the landscape and the conditions of which Father Zbigniew’s parishioners live. There is also a shack where the missionary priest will sleep when he is in the village.We hope you will enjoy the pictures, and hopefully some young people will be interested in serving God and people in a similar fashion. 


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