Rectory office

Rectory Office Hours: 

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
from 9:00AM to 2:00PM

Holy Mass Schedule

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday:
7:30 AM ( English)

Novena to St. Joseph 
7:00 PM (Polish)

Divine Mercy Novena 
7:00 PM ( Polish)

First Friday:
7:30 AM (English)
7:00 PM (Polish)

7:30 AM (English)
5:30 PM Vigil (English)

9:30 AM (English)
11:00 AM (Polish)




Parishioner Registration

pbWe thank all of those who responded to see who is in our parish. We have received 82 letters back out of 320, and 50 have returned under the wrong address. If someone did not receive a letter please come to the parish office, and if you have, please send it out so that we could make sure all of our information is correct. Thank you and God Bless.


St. Joseph ChurchSt. Joseph's Church
founded  in 1909

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