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Father John Bashobora in Our Parish

EC228F9E 2DB1 4CBC 9CF6 91AA29551815On October 1, 2017, we were able to invite Father John Bashobora to our parish, who is also an exorcist. He lives and works in the diocese of Mbarara in northeast Uganda. He finished the Gregorian University in Rome, and he has the grace to heal people. He is a humble man with a sense of humor. Recently, one couple was blessed with a child after coming for a Holy Mass, and this is what they had to say. 


Hello, we have been married for 12 years, and we have been parents for three months. Recently our parish pastor blessed our child and explained that God has given you a child to take care of and bring to a closer relationship with Christ through the Church and that the child is ultimately Gods and not ours. We have had many hardships where we didn't know what would happen to our child, but we were hopeful and remembered that St. Elizabeth had a child in her old age. My mom prayed the rosary for our hopeful child. We prayed with a priest, and for the Holy Spirit. I was invited to this mass a year ago, and my head was hurting, and my legs were shaking until we got home. My body was feeling different, and I couldn't explain it. Father John said there is a couple who have been given a child by God during the prayer. Today we stand with three-month-old Sophie-Marie, and we remind all of you to never forget about the way God works in our lives. Although it may be difficult, God is always with us. 

God works miracles in our lives, and it is important to be open to Him so that we can become holier, and ultimately reach heaven.


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