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Monday, Wednesday, Friday
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Holy Mass Schedule

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday:
7:30 AM ( English)

Novena to St. Joseph 
7:00 PM (Polish)

Divine Mercy Novena 
7:00 PM ( Polish)

First Friday:
7:30 AM (English)
7:00 PM (Polish)

7:30 AM (English)
5:30 PM Vigil (English)

9:30 AM (English)
11:00 AM (Polish)




A Christmas Bread-breaking

IMG d46d5d63e92ad651a47d38abde2de8d2 VOn Sunday, December 17, our congregation met for a symbolic bread-breaking. After Mass at 11:00 we went to the parish hall, where we blessed the bread and wine. The wine symbolizes the wine of St. John, whom we will be celebrating soon. As the tradition goes, when St. John blessed the poisoned wine, no one was hurt and this is why we celebrate this. The wine symbolizes love which is most important during the Christmas Season. After prayer and blessing, we shared bread and we sang Christmas carols. 

Everyone who took part in this celebration had the ability to see the new parish hall, which will be a great lace of joy and future celebrations for the parish.

One more time, we wish everyone who wasn't able to make it, "A peaceful and happy Christmas"


St. Joseph ChurchSt. Joseph's Church
founded  in 1909

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