Rectory office

Rectory Office Hours: 

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
from 9:00AM to 2:00PM

Holy Mass Schedule

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday:
7:30 AM ( English)

Novena to St. Joseph 
7:00 PM (Polish)

Divine Mercy Novena 
7:00 PM ( Polish)

First Friday:
7:30 AM (English)
7:00 PM (Polish)

7:30 AM (English)
5:30 PM Vigil (English)

9:30 AM (English)
11:00 AM (Polish)




Thank You!

Thank youThank you so much for your donation of food and clothing to St. Matthew Trinity Lunchtime Ministry. Our guests appreciate your thoughtfulness. Our program serves homeless and marginally housed members of Hoboken's community. We provide breakfast and lunch for an average of 65 people daily. We also offer clothes, toiletries, and access to social services. It is only through the support of generous organizations like yours that we can fulfill our mission to provide Hoboken neighbors with a warm meal, a compassionate community, and a peaceful place to spend the morning. In the words of Micheal, one of our guests, who gave us permission to share his story: "I have been coming here off and on for about six years. It has been a temporary oasis for those in need of a break from homelessness or someplace to relax and unwind. They serve coffee, bagels, and pastries in the morning. They also serve a hot lunch. Nothing extravagant but it fills you up when you are hungry. They also have connections to social services and other helpful organizations. Also, you can get a complimentary haircut on the first Monday of every month. They also have clothing donations, socks, underwear, etc. All in all, it's a great place to spend some time." Thanks to you, Micheal and our other neighbors who will continue to have a community where they will all be treated with respect and dignity. - Spike Enzweiler Lunchtime Ministry Program Manager


St. Joseph ChurchSt. Joseph's Church
founded  in 1909

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